News HFCA run public hygiene campaigns targeting youth to reduce COVID-19 impact in Cambodia

HFCA is doing our utmost to play our part in this difficult time for Cambodia.

Our 400 youth who take part in HFCA football activities are keen followers of our Facebook page. So now as well as keeping them updated on our football programs we are focusing on more important matters.

As might have been the case for many NGO's, HFCA have had to constantly adjust our understanding of the COVID Crisis, its impacts, duration and longer term practicalities and we've now been doing that for around 3 months. We are standing by our staff in Cambodia and paying their wages and supporting them as best we can. With up to 400 youth attending our football activities in five training centres in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and four HFCA teams committed to external football competitions which are all sadly suspended this has been a very challenging time.

HFCA suspended all our program activities from Saturday afternoon the 14th of March onwards. HFCA is following closely the instructions of the Cambodian Government in particular the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports before we reopen our football programs. Player and staff health and safety is our priority right now.