News HFCA Senior Women's team play historic first match

HFCA were very proud of our Women's team as they had a very credible draw in only their 1st ever match against RPP (Riel Phnom Penh) Srey FC on Sunday the 12th of June.

Playing against a team with more experience they gave their all and were so happy to achieve such a good result of 0-0. This match was years in the making as our Senior Women's team are all graduates of the HFCA U18 Girls team program which we launched in 2017.

"I was impressed by HFCA, even though it was their first time on the field, it was clear they’ve trained well, try hard and have a positive attitude. I hope we can play again with them soon!"

- Ravi Ives, Acting Captain RPP Srey FC

"Playing other women's football teams is such a great opportunity and it’s easy to see how much work and heart HFCA has put into their program. RPP Srey looks forward to being rivals on the field but friends off the field!"

- Bailey Hobbs, defender, RPP Srey FC
Riel Phnom Penh Srey team (In pink jerseys) shake HFCA players hands before the match. Image P Grogan

The team is ambitious and wants to reach the highest levels of Cambodian football. HFCA's goal is to create a professional football team of all Khmer female players from underprivileged backgrounds playing in the Cambodian Women's League

This new professional football league for women was launched by the FFC (Football Federation Cambodia) in 2020 and HFCA are aiming to join the 3rd season of the competition which is due to start at the end of 2022. 

Players from both teams gave it their all in a close match. Image P Grogan

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