News HFCA sign deal for KMH stadium in Phnom Penh for Women's & Girls teams

HFCA takes another step towards launching their Senior Women's team having signed a contract with Cambodian Division 2 club ISI Dangkor Senchey FC to access their home ground KMH Stadium.

This will allow HFCA's Women's and U18 Girls teams to play all their home matches at the KMH Stadium up to the end of December 2023. 

The driving force behind HFCA's decision to launch a Senior Women's team was the HFCA U18 Girls team. In 2019 and 2020 the HFCA U18 Girls team competed in the annual AIA ISF U18 girls league and as the time passed, more and more players became too old to compete at that level. They pushed HFCA to create a Women's team as they didn’t want their football careers to end just as they discovered a love of football.

''Girls can play football as good, or better, as boys. I feel playing football is my talent, what I should be doing. I am excited to continue my football career with the HFCA Women's team at the KMH Stadium"
Srey Chi, aged 19, Midfielder & HFCA female player of the year 2020

HFCA's Womens new home at KHM Stadium with supporters stand at the bottom. Image KMH

I joined HFCA in 2016 and really enjoyed playing competitive football in 2019. Last year I was too old to play for HFCA's U18 team. I am really happy KMH allow our Women's team to play at their stadium. It is really huge and lots of fresh air here'

- Meas Dinet, aged 20, Goalkeeper & HFCA female player of the year 2019

HFCA has been working with underprivileged girls since we launched in 2005. In recent years, we have committed a lot more resources to our female programs. We are really excited to now take the next step and challenge our senior female players to compete for 90 minutes on a full-size pitch. Competing in the new Cambodian Women's League is where HFCA wants to be and securing access to this fantastic stadium is an integral part of reaching that goal

- Paraic Grogan, HFCA Founder
Our new home has many possibilities for developing our HFCA female programs. Image KMH

Kang Sen from the ISI Group and Co-Founder of FUXIN, BROWN Coffee and Mekong Homes was the driving force behind the KMH Stadium being built in 2014. A fantastic asset for the local community and used for many football competitions like the KMH Champions League and KMH Cup. Kang built the stadium as he was inspired by his love of football as a youth and frustrated at the lack of opportunities to play in high level competitions at a real football stadium. Kang is now aged 37 so it's too late for him to become a full-time professional footballer but he wants the next generation of Khmer footballers to have the opportunities he didn’t have so as to follow their football dreams.

We admire the great work that HFCA have been doing for over a decade in providing opportunities for Cambodian Children to play football and compete in many big football tournaments. At KMH Foundation, we are very happy that our KMH stadium can be the home ground for the HFCA Women team to compete in Cambodia Women’s League. KMH Park is also home to many thousands of women who are working in garment industry, so I think that the matches they will be playing here will attract a lot of fans and bring entertainment to the area assuming COVID situation will be getting better end of this year”

- Kang Sen, KMH Stadium Founder
HFCA Girls U18 team at the Smart Community Cup in 2019, Image P Grogan

This is the first time that we have had women soccer players come to our home for their football activity. KMH Stadium is happy to work with the HFCA women's team and we hope our stadium can provide good service and quality of football pitch for them. KMH wish them very good luck in the official game without injury

- Siek Sovann, General Secretary, ISI Dangkor Senchey FC

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