News HFCA Starts a New Partnership with the Global Development Group.... And Makes it Easier for People from the US to Make Donations!

My name is Shanti and I am the new HFCA US representative.

I am really excited to join the HFCA team and help support young Cambodians through soccer.

I’m also excited to announce that HFCA has developed a new partnership with the international non-profit organization, Global Development Group.  With projects in 35 countries worldwide, GDG is an excellent organization working to relieve poverty through quality aid and development projects. As part of the partnership, HFCA will now be able to provide donors from the US with a tax-deductible donation experience with support from the 501(c)(3) status GDG office in the USA.  All of our supporters in the US will soon be able to donate safely and securely.

Shanti with Team Cambodia in Mexico City

With this new partnership and the continued success of HFCA, I hope that people in the US will get behind this project and support our programs.  I had the pleasure of getting to meet this year’s Cambodia Homeless World Cup team in Mexico City and see firsthand that the opportunities made possible by HFCA are positively changing lives.

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