News HFCA supporters in Melbourne celebrate HFCA 15 years working with underprivileged youth in Cambodia

Melbourne's contribution to the success and life changing work of HFCA is massive and on so many levels its Melbournian passion and commitment to social justice that has been the driving force of HFCA's work.

With at least 40 fundraising events in Melbourne held over the last 15 years including 16 editions of the Fair Play football tournament, the funds generated have been a difference maker in our work in Cambodia. Thanks to all friends and supporters in Melbourne.

HFCA Chairperson Lynn Ciurlionis (centre in red Cambodian jersey) with Cambodian team at 2019 HWC in Wales. Image HFCA

It is an honour to be Chairperson of HFCA. We are proud of our growth and accomplishments as an organisation, often against great odds. One of the best decisions of the last fifteen years is the inclusion of underprivileged girls and young women in our program. Their energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. Their developing skills and self-esteem, both in practise and competition, is evident in their support of each other on and off the field. Thank you to our wonderful partners and supporters who sustain our momentum."

- Lynn Ciurlionis, Chairperson HFCA, Melbourne, Australia
HFCA welcome our friends from Ivanhoe Grammar School for their first visit in 2008. Image HFCA

“Congratulations to Happy Football Cambodia Australia on 15 outstanding years’ service to the Community. Ivanhoe Grammar School continues to be a great supporter of the program and we look forward to having many of our students and staff continuing to visit and be involved for many years to come”

- Gerard Foley, Principal, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia
(L to R) Collingwood Rotary members Bruce Shaw and Wendy Tang with HFCA's Jon Hammond & Paraic Grogan in 2014. Image HFCA

“Rotary Club of Collingwood became a supporter of the Fair Play annual competition in 2010 and has been a proud sponsor of HFCA ever since. HFCA not only provides support and care for the youth of Cambodia, but through the annual Fair Play contest assists the young people of inner Melbourne to learn respectful, sporting competition which develops character and creates friendships which last well beyond the sporting field.”

- Bruce Shaw, President, Collingwood Rotary, Melbourne, Australia
In 2014 our community in Melbourne supports Fair Play including Rita Di Pietro, Barney Wilson, Bruce Shaw & Christopher McGeachan (Victoria Police, Melbourne, Australia). Image P Grogan.

“Fair Play gives our local young people the chance to engage with the broader community outside of their usual environment. The Tournament gives the young people the opportunity to showcase their talents and strengthens their belonging. It also provides a platform for local police to assist these young people in participating in a sport that is their passion around an organised, safe and positive environment.“

- Christopher McGeachan, Victorian Police Officer