News HFCA team travelling to rural isolated communities in Siem Reap

HFCA's work in Siem Reap province takes our coaching team far away from the glamour of Siem Reap city and the Angkor Wat temples.

Having launched our Village programs in February 2020 our staff travel to far away villages on a weekly basis and reach underprivileged youth in remote villages who prior to HFCA had zero access to formal sports programs.HFCA's Siem Riep Regional Manager Sovatha Long is very committed to working with these boys and girls as he grew up in similar poverty. Sovatha travels many km's on challenging roads becauses he knows that having access to a proper football training program gives youth who may be struggling with poverty or school an opportunity to shine and build self belief and confidence.  

Sovatha packs the footballs for an early morning start to another rural community in the vehicle supplied by our partner BFT (Build your Future Today). Image P Grogan

Most of the youth in HFCA's three village programs are from families that are struggling to survive on incomes from subsistence farming. It's very common for these children to leave the education system after primary school aged 12 to 14 and go to work full time on their family farms. Life in these far away villages is hard but there is also a very strong sense of community.

Sovatha & Paraic on a back road in Siem Reap province. Image: BFT

"Travelling the back roads into villages that don't exist on many maps is a real eye opener. Despite the obvious hardships of their lives and lack of opportunity these are some of the happiest and most friendly youth I have met in Cambodia. Their love of football and enthusiasm for regular football activities inspires HFCA to grow and develop our Siem Reap village programs" Paraic Grogan, HFCA Founder

Arrived safely in our BFT vehicle and footballs ready for another training session.

HFCA's work in the villages of Oroong, Chub Smack and Srah Srong would be impossible without the extensive support from our long standing partner BFT (Build your Future Today) who provide us with access to their vehicle and a driver.
Oroong Village - Population 850 people, 115km from SR (Siem Reap) city centre, 5 hours return trip
Chub Smack Village - Population 1500 people, 75km from SR city centre, 3 hours return trip
Srah Srong Village - Population 1200 people, 15km from SR city centre, 1.5 hour return trip