News HFCA U18 Girl's team loving the AIA ISF league competition

HFCA spent the latter half of 2017 and all of 2018 trying to improve our Girls program.

Its been a lot of work but we never gave up because our female footballers were so determined to have equal access to football programs as the boys. They love the game and were very happy when we entered a team in the AIA ISF U18 Girls league. HFCA Country Manager Vibol Chao has watched closely and seen the improvement. "'So the more they play, the more they learn from the games, the more experience gained, and the more they improve''

Our girls head home on the team bus after a AIA ISF league game. Picture P Grogan.

Having started the season on the 23rd of December HFCA has now played four games in our twelve match season which finishes in June. Rachana is loving taking part in the HFCA football program and said "I am really happy because before, football wasn't encouraged for girls in Cambodia, compared to other countries. Now I am happy, HFCA used to have only a small number of girls playing football but it has increased a lot in 2018/2019'' 

Naka is so determined in warm up before an AIA ISF League match. Picture P Grogan.

Naka (pictured above in the glasses) is one of the youngest girls in the team at 14 years old. Don't be fooled by her appearance. She is a warrior on the pitch and shares her opinions openly about football and the team to all the players and coaching staff. Naka gave on thoughts on her approach to football "For me, I like to listen to my coach's instructions and follow what he says. He told us to pass the ball so everyone can play, and to be honest, I told my friends to pass and they do so"

After losing our first three games the team were determined to win our fourth game. Celebrating victory with our supporter Scott Neeson. Picture Vibol Chao.

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