News HFCA U18 Girls team members explain their passion for football

HFCA launched our own internal TV show in April 2019 and as the production crew are mostly Cambodian teenagers it has created a safe and comfortable space for our youth to share their feelings about all things football!

When asked in a HFCA TV interview what inspires 17 year old Penhleak to play football she said "There are many reasons for me because I think Cambodia doesn't give much value to women in football, especially many families. That's why I want to prove to them that Cambodians could play just as good as other countries and women have the same rights as men''

When asked about her own family's thoughts about her football career Penhleak gave a very honest answer "Personally it is only myself, because my family is not satisfied with what I do, but what inspires us the most is ourselves. Therefore we always have our own backs. If we don't encourage each other, our performances will be weaker and weaker" 

Peanleak in action as goalkeeper in a AIA ISF Cambodia league match on 02/02. Image: P Grogan.

Penhleak shares her thoughts on making her debut as a goalkeeper "I am so happy because this is my first time playing goalkeeper, because I am usually the attacker or midfielder. I am a bit worried, but excited at the same time."

HFCA star Channa (bottom row first left) lines up with her team before a game in the AIA ISF Cambodia league on 02/02. Image: P Grogan.

Channa is aged 16 and is a star player on the girls team "Playing football gives us benefits such as maintaining good health and meeting new people from different teams. I have been practising for over two years now. Besides I have loved it from a young age''

When asked what her family thought of her football career she said ''They dont really have an opinion much. Sometimes it might be quite dangerous, but I always carry on with the game. I just want to say that althought we are girls, we can still play football because this sports doesnt below to any specific gender''