News HFCA's Women's team embrace challenge in Cambodia's premier Women's league competition

Our women's team were honoured to play against three of the biggest football clubs in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh Crown FC, Tiffy Army FC and PKR Svay Rieng FC.

Having played three friendly matches in 2022, HFCA Senior Women's team were ready to step up and play competitive football and were delighted when Phnom Penh Crown Football Club (PPCFC) launched the Smart Youth League in March this year.

HFCA player Srey Nhanh (all blue kit number 20) against Phnom Penh Crown FC player in 1st match of the season. Image SYL

The recently launched semi professional Cambodian Women's League 3rd season has yet to be played after the 2nd season finished in March 2022. Without any competitive football in Cambodia for women for close to a year the football community were so happy PPCFC stepped into the breach and launched this league for seven women's teams.

HFCA star Dane Rine (all blue kit centre) in action against PKR Svay Rieng FC on 20th May. Image SYL

"Throughout the tournament against very good football teams, I learnt so much from my experiences, especially about perseverance and failure. Although our team didn’t win any matches, we never give up and keep playing until we complete all matches. Teamwork and encouragement was very essential and played a big role for us" One of our youngest players, Dane Rine (aged 16) enjoyed taking part

HFCA and our friends Riel Phnom Penh Srey after our match on 30 April. Image P Grogan

''To have the opportunity to play against Phnom Penh Crown FC was a pleasure. It was a great experience for me to learn and see the different levels. I was very nervous but excited at the same time. Each individual player was very fit and fast. I was super impressed by their skills. Playing against these great players, they inspires me to be like them'' Dane was impressed with PPCFC

HFCA's Channa (number 7 all blue kit) is fully committed to winning the ball against Sena Angkor United. Image SYL

''As a person these experiences are very good for my future development. In life there are always people that are better and failure is absolutely okay. In games lose and win will always be on the line but whether winning or losing it was a great learning experience after all." Off the pitch Dane can see the benefits of football