News Homeless World Cup Mexico City

Team Cambodia is training hard and the players are excited about going to Mexico City and representing their country at the 10th Homeless World Cup.

Meet Phiyou Sin...

Life story/Family background: I am living with my older-sister who works as a worker in Phnom Penh. I was born the province, but growing up in Phnom Penh. I am a student at grade 7 which supported by Happy School org.
Joined HFCA: I have been sent to HFCA training program since 2008 by Happy School org. I played football since 12 years old, but on the street or public area in City. Since attended HFCA training I have not played football on their location above anymore because HFCA arranged good football field, coaches... I am thank you to HFCA.
The 2012 HWC: I am so so happy that have been selected for going to Mexico to join the international football tournament which arranged by HFCA and the Homeless World Cup org. I would like to say thank very much to all people who working in helping homeless people.
Position: I play a role of Midfielder.
Favorite Team: Manchester United team that I like most.
Favorite Player: Christiano Ronaldo is the best players that I like
HFCA Partner Organisation: Happy School/ACE

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