News Impact of HWC on our players

Ten days in Amsterdam and another Homeless World Cup over.

With two games a day and lots of excitement taking place on and off the pitch it can be easy to forget about the big picture. What impact does been part of a 60 countries international event like the Homeless World Cup have on the actual players?

In their own words the players shared their thoughts to us.

Amsterdam is very beautiful...people very nice to me. I will always remember in my heart this experience.

- Cheng Mao

I am very proud to play for my country. Attending the Homeless World Cup is the best experience of my life.

- Sokchea Ngorn

HFCA is a very good organisation and gives great opportunity to improve yourself and have more self belief. I will tell all the boys at Better Future Today to join.

- Kimhong Thong

This is the best experience for me. I learn about life outside Cambodia, other cultures and food. I am very impressed with how clean Holland is and I want to ask Khmers to take better care of the environment in Cambodia when I go home.

- Sros Chan

HFCA is a very good program. To give me this opportunity to play for Cambodia is amazing. HFCA made me believe my dreams can come true.

- Kungkea Sum

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