News Impact of the Homeless World Cup (part 3)

In part 3 of our series about the impact of the Homeless World Cup we asked our partner Centre for Children's Happiness.

CCH have had players registered with HFCA go to the Homeless World Cups in Melbourne (2008), Milan (2009) and Rio (2010) how being part of the Homeless World Cup impacted on their students.

Centre for Children's Happiness Founder Mr Mech Sokha said the following about HFCA and the Homeless World Cup program "HFCA has given opportunity to the children to learn about self leaderships, skills and good attitude, to give them the opportunity to see the different people in the world in order to encourage and motivate them to learn to live together with sharing ideally, financially and spiritually. After attending and come back from Homeless World Cup, the five children are trying hard to learn more, to live independently, to share their ideas what they learnt the culture from the HWC."