News ISPP Fundraiser (Phnom Penh)

ISPP students and staff had a great day mixing with HFCA players and staff during the ISPP football fundraiser.

Sixteen teams took part with eight in the male tournament and eight in the mixed tournament. AFC Copenhagen beat Team Fekre 3-0 in the male tournament and  Middle school Boys beat ISPP elementary boys in the mixed tournament. Over 80 of the HFCA players came along to support the three HFCA teams who took part.

HFCA coach Jimmy Campbell is presented with a cheque from Sam who organised the fundraising event

The great thing about this event is that the students actually get to mix and speak to each other. This is the first time we have done this and we already thinking of ways in which we could make it more interactive next year. It is important that this is not just about fundraising. Personal relationships between the HFCA students and our students will hopefully raise awareness of the issues amongst ISPP students and allow HFCA students social interactions that they might not normally have.

- Brian Webster, ISPP

Check out the pictures here

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