News Liger Leadership Academy and HFCA join forces to 2021

HFCA are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Liger Leadership Academy.

Having worked together informally since September 2016 we are very happy to have signed our Memorandum Of Understanding.

We are always looking for like minded people who are doing something good for the country, the whole aim of Liger is to create change agents for the country, so if we find people doing that and also in a not so admin heavy way, HFCA are direct action. If there are real things happening Liger want to be a part if it. We both have a goal of really developing Cambodia, education spans sport as well. Sport is a very important part of that. What HFCA do for underprivileged Cambodians is, I think a real role model for many organisations and we really want to be a part of that

- Dominic Sharpe, Liger Leadership Academy Country Director
Liger Leadership Academy Country Director Dominic Sharpe and HFCA's Founder Paraic Grogan after they signed the historic MOU. Picture Josh Lowry.

Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) educates the promising youth of today to develop socially conscious, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. They provide a residential scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students that combines a comprehensive, internationally competitive education with an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and entrepreneurship curriculum. Liger believes a meaningful investment in the right few will change the lives of many.

World Class facilities at Liger allow their students to explore and learn. Picture LLA

With 60% of the population under 30 years old, Cambodia’s future rests in the hands of its youth. LLA believes it is imperative to equip a new generation with the capacity and drive to lead Cambodia’s future social and economic development. With up to 65% of Cambodian children failing to finish Secondary School LLA know how important educating the future leaders of Cambodia is to rebuilding Cambodia. LLA is committed to nurturing highly-skilled entrepreneurial thinkers who are globally-minded, determined, ethical, passionate, and effective. Liger students aren’t waiting for tomorrow; they are changing their country now.

I want to change Cambodia by alleviating poverty. I believe poverty is the root of most of the problems occurring in Cambodia right now. If people have better income, they will take the risk of sending their children to school rather than telling them to beg for money. The first step is to provide job opportunity. The next step is to introduce project-based learning into our government schools because the students will be more engaged in their projects. Education is the most powerful tool to improve our country.

- Makara, LLA Student, Age 16
Five Liger students with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron at his office.

My hope for Cambodia is gender equality, education equality and no more poverty. I love Liger because it was made to create a brighter future in Cambodia by realizing the promising child and it practices equality between girls and boys.

- Bopha, LLA student, Age 13
Five Liger students visited the Google Headquarter facilities in USA. Picture LLA

Over the course of the next three years HFCA are committed to ensuring LLA students will have opportunities in the following areas but not limited to: 
-Assistant coaching and management roles in semi professional football league set ups
-All manner of media activities including post-match video reports, TV programs related to HFCA which run over a period of time, engaging with Khmer media, working at HFCA press conferences, producing promo pieces for HFCA sponsors and possible overseas trips to manage mainstream/social media during the duration of an event. 
-Event management
-Project management

HFCA player/coach Rithy Chan and HFCA Country Manager Vibol Chao talk to students at Liger. Picture LLA

LLA are doing amazing work with their 110 students. The school facilities are world class and the opportunities afforded to the students to develope and grow are ground breaking. The caliber of the staff supporting the students on their educational journey is fantastic. We are excited to see where this new partnership takes HFCA and are particularly grateful to Dominic Sharpe for his hard work and perseverance in signing this MOU

- Paraic Grogan, Founder & Chief Executive, HFCA