News Manchester United coach Cambodian footballers in Rio, Brazil!

In a historic first for the world game, Cambodian footballers had an exclusive coaching session with a Manchester United coach.

During the Homeless World Cup in Brazil, Red Devils coach Louis Garvey ran coaching clinics which were open to all players taking part in the tournament and the Cambodian squad were lucky enough to get an exclusive session.

The training took place in a Brazilian army base beside the Copacabana beach, where players from all over the world got a chance to work with the renowned coach.

The Cambodian players were thrilled and made the most of the opportunity. His Khmer may be non-existent, but football is a universal language and Garvey quickly had them doing drills and following orders.

Louis with the boys

One highlight was a game called ‘Who’s the donkey’, where any player who made a mistake had to shout ‘hee haw’. The Cambodian players particularly enjoyed this and rumour has it that the game has caught on in the football pitches of Phnom Penh.

After the session the Manchester United coach said the Cambodian players were a joy to work with.

"Their attitude; ability and skill levels were inspirational,” he said. “During the sessions all of the boys proved to be a credit to themselves…and their country. They were also truly competitive in the true meaning of the competition."

Garvey even bumped into the six Cambodian players at the airport as they all got ready to board their flights to return home and was greeted by the Cambodians doing their best donkey impression.

On behalf of all our players HFCA want to sincerely thank the Homeless World Cup, the Manchester United Foundation and Louis Garvey for this great opportunity.

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