News Meet Cheng Mao as he prepares for Amsterdam

I am a student at grade 12 and besides school program, I help my mother to sale something on the street.

First Name: CHENG
Surname: MAO
Year born: 1996
Joined HFCA: 2013
Partner Organization: Happy School

Family Background: My father was dead a few years ago and I live withmother who 55 years old this year and she is a street vendor in Phnom Penh. There are eight people in my family and I am a last child. All of my brothers and sisters married and not under supported of my mother but only me.

I am a student at grade 12 and besides school program, I help my mother to sale something on the street: Early morning, I have to carry all thing from my 2nd floor house to organize sale-place before going to school and after school, I have to work instead for a few hours for let her some break time (my mother 55 years old she cannot works/seat on the street for longer time). Moreover, I have chanced to attend the Happy School programs as well: basic computer, English program and played football with HFCA program. I like football very much and played football since I was 12 and in future my first dream, I want to be a professional footballer and second dream is a professional service provider at hotel/restaurant.

How do you feel when you have been selected for the 2015 Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam, Netherlands? I am so happy and un-expected when I was selected for the Amsterdam 2015 Homeless World Cup. Moreover, I am looking forward to seeing Amsterdam and people around the world coming to live and play together.Thank you Happy School, HFCA, HWC and all people who worked hard in helping homeless people.

What do you think after the 2015 Homeless World Cup? I will be sharing to everyone around me what I did during the Amsterdam 2015 HWC and especially, I will do everything which are supporting of my dream above became true.

Position: Attacker
Favourite Team: Barcelona
Favourite Player: Messi