News Meet the Cambodian Players going to Paris for the 2011 Homeless World Cup in August

Eight young Cambodian men are going on the trip of a lifetime to the 9th annual Homeless World Cup.
One of the stars is Sreng Hem. Check him out

Name: Sreng
Surname: Hem
Year born: 1994
Year joined HFCA: 2008
Partner Organisation: Centre for Children's Happiness (CCH)
Family Background: Sreng has no parents. His parents have passed away since he was four years old. He lives with his aunt but his aunt doesn’t have ability to take care of him so she sent him to CCH since 2006.
Individual Background: Sreng is studying in grade 9 and covered by CCH. Besides studying, he helps the centre’s work and plays football. He said as possible, he wants to be a professional player.