News Melbourne fundraiser event Collingwood Rotary Fair Play a great success

Fair Play was first launched in March 2007 and to have reached 17 tournaments is something everyone at HFCA is proud of.

We welcomed teams from all over Melbourne and everyone enjoyed the music played by our DJ's and amazing food provided by our friends at Collingwood Rotary.

Group 1

Collingwood Allstars 5 Bergers & Fries 1
Ivanhoe Grammar 1 North Melbourne 4
Collingwood Allstars 10 Ivanhoe Grammar 5
Bergers & Fries 3 North Melbourne 0
Collingwood Allstars 10 North Melbourne 1
Bergers & Fries 7 Ivanhoe Grammar 1

Group 2

Richmond Rangers 1 RRR 1
Dandenong 3 Fitzroy lions 3
Richmond Rangers 5 Dandenong 5
RRR 2 Fitzroy Lions 4
Richmond Rangers 4 Fitzroy Lions 2
RRR 2 Dandenong 8

Zoe from Ivanhoe Grammar takes on the Fitzroy Lions. Image Lilly Pilly Arts

Quarter Finals
Collingwood Allstars 6 RRR 2
Dandenong 4 Ivanhoe Grammar 1
Fitzroy Lions 5 Bergers & Fries 5
Richmond Rangers 3 North Melbourne 0

HFCA's Jon Hammond on the microphone as key volunteers Dan updates the scoreboard and DJ Spankpants plays great tunes. Image Dean Phipps

Semi Finals
Collingwood Allstars 1 Richmond Rangers 3
Dandenong 3 Fitzroy Lions 4 (aet)

HFCA volunteer Dan Walder updates the scoreboard. Image Lilly Pilly Arts


Richmond Rangers 3 Fitzroy Lions 4

Well done to all involved and thanks for having us again. It’s a pleasure working with all of you. You have done such a great job for an over and above period of time. Looking forward to the next Fair Play.

- Christopher McGeachan, Victorian Police Officer
Winning team Fitzory Lions with their team manager Christopher McGeachan (far right back row red jacket). Image Dean Phipps

Fabulous day for 2021 Fair Play.  Some extremely talented players and many up and coming champions playing fairly and respectfully in all games.  Great to see our Melbourne communities coming together and recognising our key Australian sponsors for their ongoing support. Congratulations to Fitzroy Lions for winning the 17th Fair Play tournament!

- Adam Pearson, HFCA Board of Management member

Special thanks to our sponsors Collingwood Rotary, City of Yarra Council, Clifton Tennis Club, Melbourne Victory FC, Tiger Corp and Football Victoria.

And thanks also to all of the teams that took part, the referees, Dan Walder, Lynn Ciurlionis, DJs Cuzn Matt, Spankpants and misterjon.

For all the pics go here

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