News Melbourne school Ivanhoe Grammar visit HFCA and play two friendly games

Our friendship with the Melbourne school continues to grow stronger

"Our first full day in Cambodia began with a match organised by Happy Football Cambodia. We were expecting a thwarting but to our surprise we drew, with Daniel being the unlikely hero scoring a hat-trick in magnificent style and with much swagger. Upon the conclusion of the match we handed over a huge bag of soccer material which had been kindly donated by one of our team members."

Travelling around on a Tuk Tuk

"The next morning a group of us again braved an early morning wake up and the blistering humidity to face another squad of ruthless players, this time the hopefuls for the Homeless World Cup team. With a ripper start, going up 2-0 we again thought we were going to go one better than the day before and get a win. However, with our acclimatised opposition using their home advantage, we were unable to finish the victory."
"Even though we succumbed to a loss and a draw, we had the utmost privilege to be playing against the Cambodians while able to aid their progress towards the Homeless World Cup"

Report by Ivanhoe students Mairead McNamara and Ryan Schulz