News Paddy Rice take out the CBC Charity Cup

The final was contested by the only 2 teams who have supported the Charity Cup since it began in 2010.

Organiser and HFCA coach Jimmy Campbell said, "a great day out for all competitors and played in a sporting manner, thanks to everyone who made the day a success"

The day was action packed

Both teams played with determination and no little skill but neither team could come up with the winning goal. At the end it came down to who could hold their nerve when it came to the penalty shoot out. 1 by 1 the teams converted until Metro with their last penalty missed the target and handed the trophy to Paddy Rice. A very hard fought final and in the end both teams should be pleased with their performance.  

CBC Charity Cup Final
Paddy Rice 1 Metro 1
Paddy Rice wine 4-3 on penalties

3rd/4th Play Off - Amret 5 Eighy8 0  

Community Cup Final
Ireland 4 Hong Leong Bank 1  

There was quite a crowd

A huge thank you to our sponsors Credit Bureau Cambodia and all those who helped on the day.  

Check out all the photos here

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