News Raintree HFCA Community Cup launches the Community Away Day in Phnom Penh

Moving into our first ever office after ten years of existence was always a big move for HFCA.

We have been so lucky that we chose Raintree Cambodia as its been a great experience. The level of professionalism from staff and most importantly care for HFCA has been fantastic. It really is a great place to come to work every day! The first ever Community Away Day on the 31st of March was a natural extension of that friendship. One of the most enjoyable events HFCA has ever been part of as we welcomed up to 60 staff from Raintree Cambodia, Urbanland Asia and HKA & Partners to our training ground. 

As our players and staff from our office neighbors played (some for the first time ever) football we had awesome music in the background and amazing food afterwards

HFCA Country Manager Vibol with staff from the Raintree building (our office in the background) in the PR launch.

We had such an incredible time with HFCA, kicking off our first ever Community Away Day, the football edition! It was so meaningful for the Raintree team to see first-hand the amazing work that HFCA does, training alongside their players (with a little dose of sporting competition). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can't wait for the next edition of the HFCA-Raintree Community Cup!

- Zoë Ng, Director, Raintree Cambodia
Warming up before football fun. Our HFCA female players were delighted to have their older sisters join them! Photo Menghak Kieng

Whilst all games were played for fun we had a mini tournament with teams mixed between regular HFCA players and visitors. One semi final went to penalties and great excitement followed as usually does when the penalty shootout takes place.

We had a special guest in Kounila Keo from Redhill Asia come and join in on the fun. Kounila really enjoyed the morning and said  “Sports plays a really important part in my life, and I can see how significant and valuable HCFA’s commitment to female participation is in sports in Cambodia.

Sokharath takes a penalty in the semi final. Photo Menghak Kieng

One of our visitors Sokharath Sarin had a great time at HFCA and said "'Honestly, I really enjoy the football fun game so much. I know as this was my first time to play football but I can feel it makes my body exercise and works so well.  I also can learn some strategies from children of HFCA how they play it and how smart they are. The children are so friendly and helpful."

"As this is a very useful program, I would recommend this event to other people to take part. It also can help children to know how important their life and living is. how to make their life grow better and how to achieve a good result."

"Children can also practice their football skill and share their knowledge to others. For us, attendee, we also can share our experiences to the children. Give advice and make a better living for them."

Team member Sam Yi lifts the world famous Raintree HFCA Community Cup! Photo Menghak Kieng

On female participation in sports Sokharath said "I think it is a good idea. Playing football is like doing an exercise. It helps our body stronger by playing with the right ways. For me I think man and woman are equal and for some works, woman can do better than man."

"With this generation, it doesn't mean, woman have to stay only at home, does house work, taking care of the baby....No....Woman also can take parts to be in society, can get higher education, can play sports as other man and can get a better result if they have a strong commitment."

Showing off our beautiful trophy (L to R) Samnang, Hok, Mike, Chan, Zoe, Lida, Sokharath, Lina, Sideth, Vina and Lisa. Go team!! Photo P Grogan

"Our HFCA players are used to foreign visitors so it was very nice for them to have mostly Khmer's coming and seeing our program in action. It really was a very enjoyable morning and we hope this will be the start of an annual event that grows into something really special over the years to come."
Paraic Grogan, Founder HFCA

Thanks to everyone at Raintree Cambodia, Urbanland Asia HKA & Partners. Special thanks to Zoe, Lisa, Lina, Sokharath, Lida, Tonet, Sideth, Vina, Hok and all the staff for been so friendly.

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