News Sad farewell to old friend as Vibol Chao departs HFCA

April 2, 2020

Vibol effectively finished up on the 12th of February and everyone at HFCA wishes him well in the future.

As HFCA approached our 14th birthday last November the HFCA HR department and HFCA Board of Management did an internal review of all our programs and management structures. At our AGM on the 30th of November, 2019 the HFCA Board of Managment decided that to secure the long term future of HFCA we needed to restructure our management/staffing structure and unfortunately this meant the Position of Country Manager would be replaced by three different positions.

On behalf of the Board of HFCA I wish to thank Chao Vibol for his many years of service to the HFCA organisation. Vibol was instrumental in the development of our organisation in the early years and continued to play an integral part in its growth over the last fourteen years. Vibol was a wonderful coach and mentor for hundreds of boys and girls attending the training sessions and is well respected by our partner organisations. His cheerfulness and wonderful smile will be well remembered . Thank you Vibol for all your hard work and dedication!

- HFCA Chairperson Lynn Ciurlionis
Vibol enjoyed his journey with Khmer team to Paris in 2011. Image Mik La Vage.

Within 14 years working with HFCA, I learnt a lot about life. I worked with homeless people who needed support from the organization like HFCA. I understand days by days about their lives and finding out the ways to courage them for the next steps of life. It made me learnt how to be positive in my daily life, improved my knowledge, management skills, working ethics and especially the meaning of teamwork. I remembered the time spent with the players who tried their best during the tournament and spent their time practicing and cooperated with our program. We lost and also won together! That’s what the most precious memorial moment I can never forget. Even now being apart from the program, I’m strongly hope the team will continue the good collaboration and successful with the current program. My love is always there with the kids and I’m looking forward to seeing their growths and the bright future!

- Vibol Chao

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