News Sam Yi gets Football Federation Cambodia coaching license

Oct. 14, 2016

In July HFCA coach Sam Yi did a month coaching course with Football Federation Cambodia and now is a qualified coach with a C License.

The course was full time and HFCA covered essential costs. Sam Yi passed all his exams and is the first member of our staff (apart from Head of Coaching Jimmy Campbell) to get a coaching certificate. Sam Yi is one of three former Homeless World Cup players working at HFCA as a coach and we are very proud of his achievements.

Sam Yi at award ceremony where he get his coaching certificate.

Vibol Chao said of Sam Yi's passing the courseĀ "I think it is a good idea for our staff to get Football Federation Cambodia coaching license because its improves the quality of coaching at our program and makes them more employable in the future. I am very proud of Sam Yi"

Sam Yi said when he passed "I am very happy because I want to be a full time coach in the future. Thank you to HFCA for supporting me"

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