News Siem Reap farmers & fishermen dream of football glory

HFCA launched our weekly program in Siem Reap in October 2017 and its become a very popular activity for our partner Build your Future Today to offer to its many program participants.

Kimhong played in the 2015 Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam and has since worked his way up the HFCA ranks to Coach the Cambodian team at the 2019 Homeless World Cup in Wales. 

HFCA Founder Paraic Grogan (back row) with HFCA Siem Reap U16 boys team. Image Kimhong Thong

Our players in Siem Reap Province come from Siem Reap city as well as the many villages that surround the town. A lot of them are from families who depend on farming and fishing for their incomes. During the wet season which normally runs from May to November they are very busy working in the rice fields.

Kimhong Thong (in blue jersey) with Phanna who is also known as the Siem Reap Messi due to his amazing ball control! Image P Grogan.

Families who depend on fishing are also very busy during wet season so our youth work every day and cant always come to football training but we always welcome them when they have free time from their work. Many of the children cycle to training with some of them doing 30km round trips just to attend our programs. It that kind of dedication that inspires HFCA to do what we do.