News Singaporean school visit once again and welcome improvements to our female programs

Canadian International School (CIS) are one of our closest friends and we always love it when they come to Cambodia and visit HFCA.

They first came to our program in 2010 and their annual visits have led to a strong bond between our two organisations.

One of the CIS staff Elsa Baptista, (Subject Learning Lead - Language and Literature teacher) shared her thoughts on the visit. "One of the highlights on our trip during our recent visit to Cambodia with Grade 11 students from the Canadian International School in Singapore, was a morning visit and training session with HFCA. Sports has the ability to unite, and to break down language and age barriers. Within five minutes of arriving at the pitches, everyone was mixing, kicking footballs around, sharing the warm-ups they knew to prepare for the round of matches" 

HFCA's Channin and Ekira from CIS giving their all during friendly game. Picture Raymond Babol.

Elsa shares HFCA passion for female participation saying "As a female teacher who is constantly trying to encourage my female students to be active, I was delighted to see that since our last visit, HFCA had started team for women with the support of female coaches. My female students loved having the opportunity to play with female team members, and bonded between games over common issues like upcoming exams and discussing the latest blockbuster movies.

Those HFCA girls were amazing on the pitch, with fast feet and refined skill, but they were humble, allowing our students to just have fun."

Everyone is enjoying the game and having fun during game. Picture Raymond Babol.

In 2011 when Canadian International School came for their second visit we had a great game between the HFCA girls team and the CIS girls team. Check out all the pictures HERE

"Happy Football Cambodia Australia is an amazing initiative, and definitely one I won’t forget! Being able to meet the players and learn the magnitude of HFCA’s support for the local community, by giving the youth a pillar to stand on, reminded each of us how significant and meaningful was the work being done. 

"Even though we couldn’t speak their language, being able to share smiles and laughter with the girls allowed us to form a valuable bond that I hope they, too, may treasure for many years to come." 
Canadian International School student Libby reflects on her time at HFCA. 

After lots of fun playing football our girls come together for nice group picture. Picture Raymond Babol.

Check out all the pictures from a great morning of football HERE