News Six Month program evaluation by Chandara Seng

HFCA Country Manager Assistant Chandara Seng has written an evaluation of the HFCA program for the period Dec 2009 to May 2010.

Its an honest assessment of our progress and shortcomings during this period.

HFCA has met many problems since December 2009. Especially we are lacking of money in order to process our project in training football program for children. HFCA has to pay for general expenditure such as renting pitch, supplying drinking water for children during training, commuting for staff, telephone bill, internet/email bill, paying to coaches, and so on. Moreover, we need to supply sport equipments to our children that they don’t have enough equipments in the training session. We really want to buy these such as balls, shirts, shorts, shoes, shocks, gloves, shin pads, and first aid kid to supply to all children both boys and girls in our organization. Unfortunately, we are meeting financial crisis within the organization, so we cannot afford to purchase these equipments for them. At the same time budget plan of HFCA cannot work without cash flow, so everything in the project almost postpone.

HFCA training

However, in 2010, we registered the team to join Local Football Leagues that prepared by ISF and FFC (Football Federation Cambodia). We had two teams of players to attend the league. The children are age under 12 year old (U12) and children are age under 14 year old (U14). The competition ran over three months, and finally the HFCA team had reached the final game. The HFCA are still cooperating with local NGO partners to raise fund to support HFCA’s expenditure and one another thing is to support our children to join Homeless World Cup 2010 in Rio, Brazil. On the other hand, we still cannot afford to spend on fee passports, visa, accommodation, foods, two ways air tickets, and others. We desperately need financial assistance in order to take the team to HWC 2010 in Brazil. In April 2010, HFCA received international guests from CIS (Canadian International School) in Singapore. CIS team brought their students to play football with ours. This was a great opportunity for both teams to exchange technical skills of football to improve their ability in playing. They all had a lot of fun while they visited HFCA team in Cambodia.

We believe that football can change children’ lives. When they come to train football skills with HFCA; they get more experience from foreign coaches, Cambodian coaches, and senior players who attended Homeless World Cup in Australia and Italy. Also, they make lots of friends from different local organizations, and they know how to play in teamwork to succeed in the matches in domestic and abroad. These are the vision and mission of HFCA to work closely with disadvantaged youth in Cambodia through the medium of the beautiful game AKA football.

Chandara Seng 
HFCA Assistant
15 May 2010