News Team Cambodia do everyone proud in Mexico City

Team Cambodia took part in the Homeless World Cup for the fifth year in a row and we now feel like part of the Homeless World Cup family as we met up with many familiar faces from the competing countries.

Our Mexican hosts did a fantastic job and the accommodation and local guides were superb. The Cambodian team gave their all and Coach Jimmy did a great job ensuring they were so fit and fighting for every ball. With the smallest and youngest team in the event as well as only having five players instead of eight like the other countries taking part to finish 32nd overall is a great achievement. Vibol did a great job ensuring the players were so well behaved and great ambassadors for Cambodia. Thanks to all our sponsors and supporter for helping us get there.

You can see all our pics here (thanks to Fiona Crawford)

See the World Rankings as they now stand here.
Thanks to a great effort, Cambodia now sits above USA, France, Spain, Canada, Germany, Greece, Sweden among others....

Well done to the lads, to Vibol, Jimmy and Paraic, to the hosts in Mexico and to everyone at the Homeless World Cup organisation.

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