News "Thank you very much for letting me be part of the HFCA journey and change my life"

With a heavy heart HFCA announces that our Siem Reap Regional Manager Kimhong Thong has stepped down from his position.

All of our staff and players in Siem Reap were very sad to see Kimhong to leave, but also happy to see him start a new journey in his life. Kimhong joined the HFCA program in Siem Reap in 2014 when he was aged 17.

Kimhong was sad to leave HFCA ''I regret leaving the amazing work I have been doing so far. But I have decided to move on and challenge myself in another opportunity of my life''Kimhong Thong has been one of the best players, coaches and managers in the history of HFCA. Despite his very difficult childhood he was able with support from our partner Build your Future Today to rebuild his life.

Kimhong has shown an amazing ability to learn from every opportunity that presents itself and is very much respected by everyone in HFCA. He was a pivotal part of growing our programs in Siem Reap province and HFCA will welcome him back with open arms if he ever decides he wants to come back. On behalf of everyone at HFCA I wish our friend Kimhong all the best in his future endeavors

- Paraic Grogan, Founder, Happy Football Cambodia Australia
Kimhong (Back row red jersey 2nd from left) with his players and the Wales team at 2019 Homeless World Cup in UK. Image Supplied.

Representing his country at the Homeless World Cup first as a player at the 2015 Amsterdam event and then as Head Coach in Cardiff, UK really meant a lot to him ''Thank you very much for letting me be part of the HFCA journey and change my life. I will never forget how much it meant to me from a small kid in the countryside to have had the opportunities to travel overseas as a player in 2015 and as a coach in 2019 to represent Cambodia''

Kimhong Thong (Centre in red jersey number 6) challenged a French player in the 2015 Amsterdam Homeless World Cup game. Image P Grogan.

Even at the 2015 Amsterdam Homeless World Cup HFCA could see clearly he was the leader of the team, on and off the pitch. And we felt so lucky to meet Kimhong and were delighted when he started to support our work in Siem Reap from 2016 onwards. In early 2018 he was promoted to be our regional manager in Siem Reap province and enjoyed the opportunity as he expressed the impact on him ''I learned how to manage and coordinate programs''

Kimhong (bottom row kneeling red jersey 3rd from right) with Cambodian & Scotland teams at 2015 Amsterdam Homeless World Cup. Image P Grogan

Kimhong parted with kind words ''You and HFCA are doing an amazing job for Cambodia citizens. I can’t thank you enough for what you and HFCA provided me with all the opportunities. I wish in the next future, I would commit myself and do something to return back''

Kimhong (far right in white t-shirt) with HFCA supporter Jan Hansen & HFCA's former Country Manager Chao Vibol all working together at the HFCA 2019 Siem Reap Village Cup. Image P Grogan.

He expressed his gratitude to HFCA Founder Paraic Grogan ''I would like to let you know how much I appreciate you for being my boss, manager and mentor. You helped shape my career and professional life and showed me how to transform my mistake into skill. I appreciate everything you give me.''

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