News The 12th Fair Play was a huge success!

It was the perfect send off to the Fair Play event, with glorious weather, fantastic games and the most funds ever raised!

Epic United took out the trophy from regulars The Ninjas, who did take home the set of Homeless World Cup jerseys for the team which raised the most... an incredible $900! Check out the video of captain Nic's head being shaven here. This was a large contribution to the total figure of well over $5000 raised on the day. Congratulations to Ben Brazil whose entry was chosen as the winner of our photograph competition. He wins a jersey from the forthcoming Homeless World Cup in Holland later this year.

Its not very often that both organisers are captured in the same place at the same time and looking relaxed! Also captured is Dan Walder who has been legendary in running the scoreboards at Fair Play over the years.

Group 1

Collingwood Allstars  4 Eurothrash 0

Ninjas 3 Yarra Pleasure FC 0

Collingwood Allstars 3 Ninjas 2

Eurothras 0 Yarra Pleasure 5

Collingwood Allstars 5 Yarra Pleasure 0

Eurothrash 0 Ninjas 1

Group 2

Leathernecks 3 MFB 2

Fitzroy Lions 3 Epic United 3

Leathernecks 2 Fitzroy Lions 5

MFB 0  Epic United 4

Leathernecks 2 Epic United 3

MFB 2 Fitzroy Lions 6

Group 3

3065 1 Unreal Madrid 0

Knife Spoon 1 Richmond Rangers 3

3065 0 Knife Spoon 4

Unreal Madrid 1 Richmond Rangers 6

3065 1 Richmond Rangers 3

Unreal Madrid 1 Knife Spoon 4

Group 4

Dirty Dozen 0 Dyslexia Untied 0

ACE 0 Kangarusski 3

Dirty Dozen 2 ACE 1

Dyslexia Untied 2 Kangarusski 1

Dity Dozen 0 Kangarusski 1

Dyslexia United 1 ACE 0

Quarter Finals

Collingwood Allstars 2 Epic United 3

Richmond Rangers 0 Kangarusski 0 (5-4 pens)

Fitzroy lions 1 The Ninjas 3

Dyslexia Untied 0 Knife Spoon 4

Semi Finals

Epic United 1 Knife Spoon 1 (3-2 on pens)

The Ninjas 2 Richmond Rangers 0_


Epic United 3 The Ninjas 1

Thanks to: Collingwood Rotary, City of Yarra, Melbourne Victory FC, Rent The Rig, Motorola, Carlsberg, Tiger Corp and Futsaloon5

Also to the DJs: Vince Peach, Miss Goldie, Paz, DJ Frenzie and Cuzn Matt

Check out all the photos here