News The smallest player with the biggest heart

With the warm after glow of the Mexican Homeless World Cup slowing fading and preparations for 2013 Homeless World Cup in Poland already happening I would like to share one last Mexican related story with you.

Cambodia vs Norway. The ball is in there to be won and up steps Chan ‘Ton’ Sophondara to take on two Norwegian giants both of whom are at least 6 foot. All three go for the ball at the same time and Chan ‘Ton’ Sophondara comes out the worst and flies through the air. Bounces up straight away, no complaints or rolling around the ground. He wants to win the ball back.

Of the 500 plus players in the tournament Ton was the smallest player but with the biggest heart. His personal story is one of battling against the odds on and off the pitch but with a heart like a lion he never gives up.

To read all about him in the Homeless World Cup website story click HERE

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