Football Homeless World Cup

An inspirational week-long street football tournament that brings together more than 450 players from 40+ countries around the world. Taking place in a different city each year, Team Cambodia have attended 11 times.

The Homeless World Cup is an international football competition that brings together 50 plus nations ever single year. Played over ten days on three pitches. Teams consist of four players on the pitch at any given time with four substitutes. The pitches are small and surrounded by walls so the ball is constantly in play and its action packed with goals galore.

Its more than just a football tournament. It gives disadvantaged people from all around the world an opportunity to rebuild their lives through the game of football. Players attend weekly training programs like HFCA in the hope of being one of the chosen eight. They learn about team work, get physically fit, slowly but surely rebuild their confidence through positive reinforcement.

HFCA have coordinated the Cambodian Team at the Homeless World Cup since 2008. We have attended the following events at:

Melbourne (2008),
Milan (2009),
Rio (2010),
Paris (2011),
Mexico City (2012),
Poland (2013),
Chile (2014),
Amsterdam (2015),
Glasgow (2016),
Cardiff (2019)
The 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled.